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That means that even if, as cheating wives often do, they try to delete messages as soon as they’ve been read or sent, the software will still save a copy for you to read whenever you access the software’s control panel.The way you view all of this captured information, by the way, is by logging into a secure website where all of the phone’s data is stored for you under a secure password.The call log will also show you any connections to names or phone numbers stored in her address / contact book.With the software upgrade you can even listen in to her phone calls as they actually happen!Here’s where the magic comes in because it’s possible to see all of her text messages (and all those being sent to her) as well as all IMs (no matter what the application) by using Software.The cool thing about this software is that it will record all of the text messages sent and received as soon as they’ve hit the send button. I Aisha and mum to 5 children i would love to chat to you email me to [email protected] I will pass you my number by the way I live in Birmingham Look forward to hearing from you Aisha x Hello im in hull!

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So basically, if you want to read all of your wife’s text messages (or any other messages if sent via the phone whether email, IM, SMS or whatever, you will have all the data there for you to retrieve whenever you want. So you could see what she is texting even while she sends it!Or if you see she’s gone to another room to read her texts because she just got the beep, you’ll be able to log into any internet ready system (including your phone, a laptop or any other computer) and see what she’s just received – even if she instantly deletes it.If this kind of spying tool isn’t powerful enough on its own to discover what she’s been getting up to, the software trumps it by also allowing you to see images sent and received on the phone, all websites visited, the location of the phone itself (and so her location at any given time!The majority of spinal cord injury wheelchair users are 15 to 45 years of age so sex and fertility often become an important issue.The amount of physical sexual function and ability to feel pleasure or pain sensation after a spinal cord injury depends on level and completeness.

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