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Violation is subject to a civil penalty of not more than 0 for a first offense, not more than 0 for a second offense within 24 months of the first offense and not more than 0 for the third and subsequent offense within 24 months of the first offense. The sale of cigarettes other than in an unopened package containing 20 or more cigarettes originating with the manufacturer which bears the health warning required by law is prohibited. Signs must be posted and maintained at each point of sale stating that it is illegal to sell or give tobacco products to minors and illegal for minors to purchase tobacco products or misrepresent their age to do so. Any persons under 18 years of age who purchases tobacco products or misrepresents their age to purchase tobacco products shall be fined not more than for the first offense and to 0 for subsequent offenses. 176 to 180 enacted 6/30/2015 and parts effective 10/1/2015 and 7/1/16. Sales and use tax will no longer be imposed on specially formulated gum, inhalants, or similar products designed to aid in the cessation of a smoking habit. Persons selling cigarettes shall require, as a condition of delivery, that the customer who is receiving the cigarettes shall sign an acknowledgment of receipt and provide proper proof of age. As used in this section, 'proper proof' means a motor vehicle operator's license, a valid passport or an identity card.

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Each employer with fewer than five employees in a business facility shall establish one or more work areas where smoking is prohibited, sufficient to accommodate nonsmokers who request to utilize such an area. Smoking areas must be enclosed, properly ventilated, and away from any children present at the day care facility. Tobacco bars are exempt, provided no tobacco bar shall expand in size or change its location from its size or location as of December 31, 2002.

Nothing in this section may be construed to prohibit an employer from designating an entire business facility as a nonsmoking area.

Smoking is prohibited in all child day care centers or group day care homes and outdoor areas, except in designated smoking areas.

§§ 19a-342 & 31-40q (2003); and CT ADMIN CODE §§ 19a-79-7(d)(6) & 19a-87b-9 (1993). The provisions of the state law restricting smoking shall supersede and preempt the provisions of any municipal law or ordinance relative to smoking effective prior to, on, or after October 1, 1993. Each employer with five or more employees shall prohibit smoking in any business facility under said employer's control, except that an employer may designate one or more smoking rooms. Smoking is prohibited in school buildings when school is in session or student activities are being conducted. The provider shall also ensure that all cigarettes, cigars, pipes, ashes, butts, lighters and matches are kept out of the reach of children. No person shall smoke in any indoor area of a restaurant.

Stronger local laws/ordinances further restricting smoking are specifically not allowed, see below. In the areas within the business facility where smoking is permitted, existing physical barriers and ventilation systems shall be used to the extent practicable to minimize the effect of smoking in adjacent nonsmoking areas. No passenger or employee shall possess a lighted cigarette while traveling upon or engaged in the operation of a school bus. The provider shall make it known in advance if smoking will be occurring in the facility to parents who are considering placing their children in the provider's care.

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