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The reaction isn’t only to Liberal backtracking on a topic in equal parts glaze-inducing, fractious and vital.

The episode also appears to mark a tipping point in Justin Trudeau’s avatar as the nation’s progressive, swoon-worthy boyfriend.

Either by the fact that you aren’t getting laid, or the way that you are getting laid is more of a headache than it’s worth.

But if a government can subject a nation to a loaded -style quiz on electoral reform, it’s only reasonable that the country can turn for its political guidance to a 2004 dating bestseller, one that famously instructed women to heed a fellow’s actions, not his words.Suddenly, he’s the guy who orders for his date without asking what she wants then ignores her ensuing protest.It was Trudeau who raised the electoral reform “conversation,” unbidden, during the election campaign.We understand that a discreet affair can save you the headache of a divorce and leave you feeling better about going home to your family every day when it sometimes can be very stressful.Our members know to keep things very discreet since a lot of users on the site are in the same situation.

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