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He must’ve been found just in time; he must just be in the hospital somewhere.

But, her mother Laura told her the next day that he had hung himself. “I was shocked, but I thought, Thank God he’s still alive.

To find out if we had anything else in common, if there was anything to tease him about.

The same way I would have looked around if he had still been living. He had hanged himself in the closet just inside that room.” She coped with the loss at the time by replaying a voicemail from him on her Nokia phone until it was automatically erased and had his sister wear her prom dress to the dance.

The second annual event kicked off in Orlando, Florida on Sunday, May 8.

The Invictus Games are a sporting event that Prince Harry organized for sick and wounded armed services members to compete and show off their amazing training and talent. Prince Harry admitted that he saw a British team compete in the Warrior Games and wanted to create his own version of the event. The event took place at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London.

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