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Situated in the Oakland foothills, Glenview is a small residential neighborhood consisting of single-family bungalows and traditionally-styled dwellings dating back to the 1920s and 1930s. Most of the businesses in Glenview are mom-and-pop shops, and include a market and several salons.

Highly-rated restaurants such as Bellanico and Blackberry Bistro add some gourmet flair to the Park Boulevard business district, which offers great vistas of the bay.

Marries Arielle Gastineau (whom he later divorced) and was utilized by Tracy in many of her schemes. Left Port Charles after Tracy turned down his marriage proposal. Robs Kelly's Diner and shoots Jagger Cates when Jagger protects Ruby Anderson. Supposedly falls to his death after fighting with Jason Quartermaine and Jagger Cates, but resurfaces and is sent to prison. Ran away, and lied about miscarrying Finns baby after Finn found out her lies.

Came back briefly as part of another ELQ take-over attempt. Son of David Bordisso and Meg Bentley, adopted by Lee Baldwin. Younger paternal half-sister of Elizabeth, Sarah, and Steven Lars Webber. Biological son of Brenda Corinthos and the late Aleksander Janacek.

Held Bobbie Spencer hostage while trying to make a run for it, later poisoning her with the toxin. Biological mother of Mike Webber, who was adopted by Dr. Was married to Rick Webber after his wife Lesley Webber was thought to have been killed.

Held the General Hospital café hostage, threatening to contaminate the whole room with a MOX 36 virus toxin if his demands were not met. Killed by Lorenzo Alcazar after he allegedly switched her medication.

Ex-husband of Laura Webber and Lucy Coe; widower of Susan Moore and Dominique Stanton.

Father of Robert "Franco" Frank, Karen Wexler, Logan Hayes, and Serena Baldwin; adoptive father of Christina Baldwin.

Heather's gun is secretly hidden in a doll, kept closely in Sarah's hands.

According to The Brokerage Comedy Club's schedule, Mc Cullough and Thompson's GH co-star Steve Burton will be holding a special event there on November 19.

Classic Craftsman style home perfectly positioned off Park Boulevard in the Glenview District.

Sarah is convinced that she drowned her sister, a fact found to not be true.

She falls in love with Joe Kelly who was investigating the murder.

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