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Some of these websites, though legal, offer what they call "sound advice," or tutorials, on ways to find a boyfriend or girlfriend, along with detailed guides.These chat room administrators avoid trouble by simply offering guidance, as well as tips on how to be cautious and not allow others (generally men) to take advantage of you.“Obviously we don’t care what the government says about these things,” said Mahyar, a business student living in Tehran who only gave her first name.“We do what we want, especially when it’s in the bedroom. “It’s long proven to the world and to our own leaders here that we won’t be forced into their type of lifestyle.” The economy can also be blamed for Iran’s loosening sexual attitudes. S.-led sanctions ravaging the economy, it has been difficult for men of meager means to marry.An underground medical procedure in which young women have their hymens surgically repaired is growing in Iran.Although the surgery should be done in a proper medical environment, the "secret" aspect to this surgery has many young Iranian women doing it covertly.Young Iranians are having pre-marital sex – including homosexual relations – in far greater numbers than the regime in Tehran would like to admit, according to a government study which recommends addressing the issue by encouraging the use of "temporary" marriages that may last no longer then the tryst itself.

To launch their sites and remain online, Iranian chat rooms require permission from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.

"This is a way for young women to feel that they are still of value,” a Tehran-based therapist said.

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Fariba found her ex-husband in an Iranian chat room and met up with him after four chatting sessions.

He is a Sharif University graduate, brilliant and good-looking.

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