Intimidating parents

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It did not matter whether the harsh discipline was coming from mothers or fathers.

The negative effects of harsh verbal discipline were not moderated by parental warmth.

Rather than feeling nurtured, the teen frequently becomes suspicious of his or her angry parents and feels the need to defend him- or herself. The teens become overly self-critical and develop negative self-images and low self-esteem.

This can be the start of a pattern of poor choices regarding peers and behavior.

Few, if any, parents start out yelling at their children.

It usually develops as children misbehave, parents react with harsh verbal discipline, children react with worsening behavior, and parents escalate their yelling and criticism. “It's a vicious circle,” author Ming-Te Wang said in a statement.

The stakes just get higher as children reach adolescence.

They want to please them by acting appropriately and meeting their expectations.Data were also collected about parental education, family income, ethnicity, and other social and demographic factors.Nearly half the study parents reported that they had used harsh verbal discipline within the past year.The fallout from this kind of harsh verbal discipline is actually far greater than parents may suspect, however.The findings of a recent study on the subject are likely to encourage parents who yell at their kids to rethink their discipline strategies.

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