Intimidating a witness sentence

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Sergeant Detective Tom O’Leary led a posse of detectives and officers to the apartment on Elm Hill Ave, where a woman opened the door but was less than forthcoming.

Hernandez activated the alarm on the stolen i Phone and all of a sudden a phone in the apartment started buzzing. ” Diaz asked.“That’s my phone,” replied Ribs Heckstall, who was visiting the apartment.

The robbers ransacked the apartment, taking ,800 in cash and the woman’s i Phone.

Before leaving, one of the gunmen tried to justify his actions.“This is business,” he said.

Although in both cases the same offenders may be responsible for multiple events, their motives are different.

In witness intimidation, the intent is to discourage the victim from reporting a crime to police or from cooperating with prosecutors, whereas in repeat victimization, the motive is often acquisitive. Preventing Gang and Drug-Related Witness Intimidation.

Although the problem of witness intimidation has special significance for prosecutors, it also has important implications for police.

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The SJC established in Massachusetts the legal concept that the law will not allow a man to profit from his own wrongdoing.

† In this guide, the term “witness” is used to refer both to victims and to bystanders who could provide information to police.

The term “victim” is used to denote the victim of the initial crime. Victim/Witness Intimidation in the Bronx Courts: How Common Is It, and What Are Its Consequences?

In an affidavit, Mac Donald described Heckstall as a senior member of H-Block who directed younger gang members “to distribute narcotics and commit violent offenses for the benefit of the gang organization.”Heckstall avoided being charged with Martin’s murder, but he was convicted of witness intimidation and sentenced to 2½ years for sending threatening text messages to a witness to the murder.

Two H-Block members were eventually sent to prison for killing Martin.

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