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Being a young, White, single woman in this Latin American country made me acutely aware of how systemic racism and stereotyping was indeed a factor in both my successes and failures. Everywhere I went it seemed as if people were eager to be my friend.

When I stopped in Ecuador on my way to Peru, though, I felt an overwhelming sense of nostalgia.They let me sleep in their homes and they invited me out wherever they went. It was an eery sense that everywhere I went there were people eager to hand me their phone numbers and show me around. Everybody wants a gringa friend.” She continued playing with her phone, never breaking her gaze to glance my way. My fair skin and light hair meant that people trusted me and were even eager to help me.Finally, I asked my trusted Ecuadorian friend if everyone was truly that nice all the time. I could easily chalk this up to the incredibly warm and friendly culture of Ecuador (which, by the way, it is).This is so popular that we have given it its own destination pages which you can see here: Galapagos Islands We offer a wide choice of Galapagos cruises and also excellent land based itineraries for those that don't want to cruise.On our website you will find details of some of the main highlights of the country.

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