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If you really want to check out the specs, you can watch the 6 hour long build of his PC here (we couldn’t be bothered as despite Pewds being on the phone, he wasn’t in the video).

A good camera needs some fast and massive storage if you’re shooting in high quality. Pew Die Pie calls the Rode NTG4 Microphone a “life-saver” on those occasions where he gets so excited he forgets to speak into his normal mic.

“Tactile response teledildonics” isn’t exactly pillow talk, but it’s at the heart of Cam Soda’s rather grim envisioning of the future of sex. The idea is that sensors embedded in the dildo are able to feel pressure and relay it to corresponding sections of the sheath.

The adult-entertainment webcam company has announced it will launch a new way to “experience virtual-reality interaction”, using VR headsets, cam girls and wearable technology. This is used in combination with a virtual-reality headset, which will show the person you are having virtual sex with.

The ASUS MX27UQ Monitor offers a frameless LED display and utilizes state-of-the-art eye care technology to ensure that the Youtube star doesn’t basically go blind during his binge sessions.

Update April-17: Should’ve stuck with our original guess that this is in fact the one he uses. Pew Die Pie can rarely sit still and so naturally he needs a microphone mount that’s as dynamic and flexible as he is.

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    Read Full Story Mark Zuckerberg and his girlfriend of 9 years tied the knot today, reports TMZ.