How to tell if online dating is married

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Mental-health professionals know that you're much more likely to find a genuinely loving partner if you've known love already.To those of us in the field who make our living trying to stamp out irrational suffering, the implications are clear.

We can't protect them from heartbreak, but let's make sure their hearts are well nourished before they go out into the cold.

Everyone has choices these days - including your own spouse. I'm embarrassed to say that I'm a woman who has done the same thing, and for the same awful reason - just to see what's out there if I got divorced.

It was one factor in staying married -- OMG -- what an awful selection of men.

Give them something good, like a marriage or a young woman's open heart, and they'll wreck it.

We mental health professionals have lots of theories why—early emotional abuse, neglect, too few good role models, too many bad ones.

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