Hollie and joshua dating

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Hollie: They've made so many enemies, they've pretty much signed their death wish [Laughs]. TVGuide.com: Why were you two called "the old married couple"? Hollie: We were like a funny old couple that's just so comfortable with each other. TVGuide.com: Some people in the house were saying that you, Hollie, are a geek at heart. Josh: Well, you didn't see it on camera, but she's incredibly smart and interested in geeky topics. TVGuide.com: Do you think Rebecca and Will having won so many challenges makes them an unstoppable couple? They dug themselves into a hole because they made an enemy out of both nominated teams. TVGuide.com: I know you didn't get an official makeover, but did you take any style tips from the show or from your cast mates? Josh: Basically enemies with all the teams in the house. Hollie: Well, when you're in that [elimination] room, you really feel like you're going to die! Hollie is already in training for London and Tokyo, dedicating the next 4 years to an intense regime to make the most of her talent - 2016 is going to be Hollie's year!Hollie and her team are on the hunt for Sponsors to join her on her exciting journey.Hollie's Javelin event was withdrawn from the European Championships in Swansea. Hollie had also been invited to the Sainsburys' IPC Grand Prix in Birmingham and yet again her event was pulled out due to the games being mixed with the able bodied event over one day instead of two.However, this enabled Hollie to enter into the IWAS Junior World Championships 10th Anniversary Games at Stoke Mandeville where she smashed her Junior Javelin World Record with a throw of 38.25m taking the Gold Medal in a mixed category!

I felt bad for [Rebecca's partner] Will; she didn't help him study.

We were teasing each other — just fun bickering, not mean bickering. It was all in fun and hopefully it came across that way on the show. Hollie: I'm not that smart, Josh; I didn't even know what a diameter was! Josh: She could go to a top university and do great. TVGuide.com: So then, Hollie, how'd you end up working as a Betty Boop impersonator at Universal Studios? Josh: Well, the problem is it is a good night for most of us: It doesn't interfere with homework. TVGuide.com: Sounds like you've made great strides researching something...

TVGuide.com: I'm really glad you two hit it off, because it seemed like in the first episode, Hollie, you and Luke were disappointed to not be matched up. Hollie: I've been there six years, and I do Betty Boop, Princess Fiona and little Cindy Lou Who from How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I know it's cheesy, but I just want to be in a really bad soap opera! TVGuide.com: Does your mechanical-engineering major help you make up new shots and angles and such? I've done full, multi-page calculations on rubber-band aerodynamics, and I've shot rubber bands under high-speed cameras to determine velocity.

Josh Bishop and Hollie Winnard, nicknamed the "old married couple" by the other teams on this season's Beauty and the Geek (Tuesdays at 8 pm/ET, CW), were forced to leave the mansion last Tuesday despite a near-flawless performance in the elimination room.

In talking with the pair, you'd never know they now live very different lives on opposite coasts.

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