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In fact, as the station grew in confidence, it quickly became the hippest channel in the listings and through its combination of remarkably good-looking presenters, a genuinely groundbreaking soap in the shape of Ros na Run, and a brilliant choice of imported programming, it managed to achieve something that would have been beyond even Michael D Higgins' dreams - it made Irish trendy again.

When Teilifis na Gaeilge was launched in 1996, it was widely regarded as a vanity project for Michael D Higgins.She's come out of it with a unique take that, today, we explored in a chat together. Heather Alexandra: Perhaps let's begin with how we heard about the game, what drew us to it? Who people are on the internet is often who they want to be every day. I met someone online and while they weren't a super serious hacker or anything, the reality was very different.Cecilia D'Anastasio: All the otome fans in my feeds were raving about Mystic Messenger for weeks, but mostly about the boys. however, I was curious about what made Mystic Messenger so sensational when a lot of otome games are pretty niche. I'm so obsessed with Mystic Messenger's interface and I feel like his path really took advantage of it. MM totally gets at that, giving these boys excuses to be caricatures of themselves in a way that (even though it's inspired by shoujo manga) would feel less… Seven's route hits upon that in a more dynamic way.Another drain on the licence fee, the idea of a channel transmitted solely in Irish seemed like a colossal waste of money for something which was obviously designed to cater for a small rump of gaeilgeoirí who resented the fact that there weren't enough Irish language programmes on the air.It's now nearly 20 years since the channel was launched and what initially appeared to be a wasteful boondoggle designed to keep the culchies happy has become the most interesting and innovative channel in Ireland.

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