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Treatments are available that can save your life," she says.Here, the study's authors outline 15 facts about the virus.9 The 'silent virus' Hepatitis C is often referred to as the "silent virus".It commonly has no or very few symptoms, both in the acute (first six months) and early chronic stages.

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(It can survive longer in a confined environment such as inside a syringe.) 8 Reduce the risk You can lessen your risk of getting the virus by avoiding sharing needles and injecting or snorting drugs, avoiding sharing razors, toothbrushes, nail clippers, or other personal care items that may have come into contact with infected blood, and avoiding using tattoo or piercing equipment that's been used on someone else.

Up to 20pc of people clear the virus from their bodies naturally - 'spontaneous clearance'.

If an antibody test is positive, a second test will check if the virus is still present.

The study found that many who receive a diagnosis are facing a fear of the unknown.

Others feel there is a stigma attached to the disease, and struggle to separate fact from fiction.

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