Harvest moon magical melody dating game

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As you expand your farm the town around you will grow.

Eventually, once you've built yourself a big homestead, you can even settle down with one of the townspeople and have a kid.

It is likely a question which has no answer, but there is a simple answer as to whether the newest iteration, Harvest Moon: Magical Melody, is a solid addition to the series, and the answer is thankfully a "yes." With a far-reaching and enjoyable farming and social system, a plain but effective story, and many different ways to accomplish the goal at hand, there's little to say about the game that doesn't bubble over with simple amusements and a solid helping of enjoyment.

The story is simple but gets the job done: rescue the Harvest Goddess from her self-imposed exile by collecting various musical notes, which when put together will create instruments and play a magical melody, wooing the Goddess from her stone statue. Some are as simple as standing around doing nothing, or attending one of the numerous festivals.

Some are more complicated, unattainable without an elaborate chain of events, such as the various notes relating to spouse and family.

While most of the animals, people, and activities are not new to the Harvest Moon series, the idea of acquiring notes is a great spin on the game and adds a lot of fun moments, as those who previously may not have branched out are encouraged to do a far larger variety of activities, and be socially active within the community while still enjoying simpler activities.

Saw the banned manuals list and altho this was on the list, Blizzard eventually let their docs to be posted back here.

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) but a couple of them are somewhat entertaining if you'd like a break from the drudgery of farm life.It must be remembered that the farmer has a set amount of stamina and loses it with every action performed.If overworked, the character will pass out and not awaken until the next day; stamina can be restored with a variety of foods, either eaten raw, cooked in recipes, or purchased.When beginning the game, the character (a boy, or a girl depending on the mood of the player) has a choice of three lots.One is large but infertile; one is small but well-placed; the third is between the two sizes and very fertile.

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