Guys big time rush dating anyone

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Breakups are never easy, but "If you're going to break up with somebody, it definitely has to be in person," James says.

"If you're not feeling it, just be honest with yourself and the other person," Kendall tells us.

I don't have much of a sweet tooth, so that's how I know! Also, if you text someone and they don't respond, but then you see them post something on Instagram or Facebook, that drives me crazy! I don't cook all that often, but I can barbecue and make a mean breakfast. James: Probably one of the hardest-working people they know, to a fault.

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James and I met up in his neck of the woods (that would be Venice, a laid-back beach town near Los Angeles) at trendy hot spot Gjelina. I've been living on my own since I was 17, and I've always had big dreams since I was little. Glamour: I have to ask that all-important question: What's your current relationship status?

She is dangerously clever and definitely wise beyond her years. Regardless, there are times when she acts like a normal ten year old girl, but is 100% confident in her plans.

An aspiring actress, one of the most eccentric characters on the show and Logan's on-again/off-again girlfriend.

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