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The willingness of the people of Moncton to speak with us and provide information despite their painful memories was remarkable and something we will not soon forget.

With this Review there were anticipated and unforeseen challenges.

Martine Benoit survived multiple rounds fired into her police vehicle and several others were exposed to high powered rifle fire.

The unthinkable actions of one individual left three families without their husband, son, father, and brother.

In addition, the team received assistance from a number of contributors who are subject matter experts in their respective areas.

Our goal from the beginning was to learn from this tragedy so that members in the future, who perform their duty at enormous personal risk, will have the best training, tools and operating procedures the RCMP can provide.

For those we spoke with, this process was not easy.

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Although we analyzed the statement of Justin Bourque, the fact that he was still engaged in the judicial process precluded me from interviewing him.Current literature indicates that perceptions are often not the same for officers involved in the same incident.Distortions can include tunnel vision and memory loss for parts of the event.To conduct the Review, the team had to first establish exactly what occurred on June 4, 2014, and the days that followed.To accomplish this we studied pertinent aspects of the Major Crimes investigation and in addition reviewed OCC transmissions, member-to-member radio and telephone communication, 911 calls, video footage, civilian and member statements as well as forensic evidence.

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