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The room was made up of 15 sets of chairs facing each other, which seemed a bit intimidating at first, but as soon as the room started to fill up, it was actually not too bad (and this is coming from someone who does not like to have her bubble invaded). I won’t go into the specifics about the guys that I met, but they were all a lot of fun!

I wanted to meet people; not necessarily for dating, but definitely just to meet some cool people with similar interests, and challenge myself.

PREVIEW Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo When: Friday 3 p.m. The Calgary Comic Expo is coming up to its 10th anniversary in 2015, but took until Year 6 to add that extra day.

Producers expect this year’s Edmonton Comic Expo to draw some 35,000 people to the Expo Centre at Northlands, a 40-per-cent jump over last year.

And now that it is over, I can say that it was SUCH a fun experience, and I would definitely do it again.

For just and the day’s admission to con, attendees could pre-register to participate, and there were multiple sessions for both hetero coupling and LGBT coupling.

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