Games dating make over 2

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One of the funniest things you can do in college is share the room with your BFF!Help the two best friends in this new game to clean up the dorm because they have a lot of classes to attend. Jessie is a fashionable creative girl, but she's also really into unique art, so why not combine the two?Use the fruit based beauty mask to moisturise and clean up her hands, th...

Join her on her morning routine, and apply soothing masks, clean her face and then, do her make-up! The girls are now in college and they joined a sorority!

House hold chores are not as simple and easy as they look. Battling evil when you're wicked yourself can get pretty dangerous.

It's up to you to help the villain turned princess get better after she's been forced to walk the plank! Beauty has gotten tired of all the stuffy typical princess dresses, and she's decided to play around with a more eccentric style, Rock Baroque.

It's time to clean and decorate our kitty-girl Mia's beautiful home!

First she needs your help to sweep up the dust and spider webs.

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