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During the concert, the two thanked each other and whispered sweet nothings before singing "Hello" in matching red costumes. The rumors are further fanned by Dara's debut You Tube video for her newly launched Dara TV channel that featured G-Dragon's recent concert in Seoul.Even in their social media posts, the two were very close, hugging and teasing each other in their backstage photos, with Dara even trying on G-Dragon's costumes. Only dara can make gd blank and run out of words .. In the video, Dara even reportedly sent flowers to G-Dragon and stayed in a special spot as she enjoyed his concert.Dara, along with several YG Entertainment acts including WINNER, attended the show — but it was what happened after the concert that has fans immediately freaking out online.In fan footage from outside the venue (which has already racked up well over half a million views), both G-Dragon and Dara can be seen leaving the concert after-party together.how awkward it must be for her ) It dont get any louder than that 😅 They are used to shippers BUT not when the shippers start threatening and arnding hate commentsfor bot confirming and hanging out with other guys n girls and doing skinship.Its ridiculous, SHIP but stay rational they arent into each other lol At first I thought GD was using her to cover for him dating Nana, actually I still think that way, since he suggested for them to pose like they r kissing as a joke knowing how it would make headlines that way ppl will get confused although there is nothing to get confused about him and Nana is not a hidden thing ever since his IG got hacked and everything was leaked He never kissed her, he leaned in v close u can check out another diehard appler on ig called madefordaragon who confirmed they DIDNT kiss.

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YG Entertainment, noticing the immediate explosion of noise surrounding the two superstars online, issued a statement today (Jan.But SULLI did okay with her F(x) Group work, and Fashion Photo Shoots.Hopefully, SULLI's movie (title = "REAL") will be popular.Key East stated, "The dating rumors going around on fan pages are ridiculous. its actually amazing that some of them HAVE great mental strength, like Sulli and G-Dragon whom are constantly attacked online. ignore all those hate comments and hang ard with the people who make you smile.I can imagine some others would have probably committed suicide with the depression from reading hate comments. Everyone but SULLI seems to have quite a bit of MONEY in the BANK already.

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