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Some people get more fucked up than others, but most of us are at least a little bit fucked up. So most of us grow up believing that, deep down inside, we are at least a little bit bad and probably don’t deserve to be happy, healthy, and wealthy. Who would want to hang out with us if they realised that we are bad? Zadie Smith’s career has been a 15-year psychodrama.

In ‘Two Paths for the Novel’, she looked at books by Joseph O’Neill and Tom Mc Carthy.Her husband Michel wants children, but she doesn’t.The couple met in Ibiza in ‘the Nineties, ecstatic decade! Michel is West African via France, a hairdresser, and sees starting a family as his ‘destiny’ and ‘next achievement’.The number 37 bus (at least fictionally) used to go from Kilburn to Camden.(The real, current 37 follows a South London route, between Putney Heath and Peckham.)The number may also have something to do with Leah’s biological clock.

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