Friends rachel dating joshua

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When he calls to ask Monica out, Rachel thinks he's calling for her and makes a fool of herself in front of Ross.

Unfortunately, Chip hasn't changed much since high school - while he's still cute, he also still happens to live with his parents and work at the local movie theater.

The boys furnish their apartment with a canoe and some patio furniture. Phoebe's cold has turned her singing voice from high-pitched and whiny to sexy and sultry.

When she recovers, she desperately tries to catch another cold.

Phoebe finds a stray cat and is convinced that it's her mother reincarnated.

A poster depicting the missing cat is found, but no one has the heart to tell Phoebe ... Chandler runs into Rachel's boss Joanna and the two end up having quite a fling.

Joey, still upset with Chandler because he kissed Kathy, decides to move out.

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When Joey shows everyone his gift for Kathy, a pen that tells time, Chandler T that he can't let Joey give her a gift that's not as great as the one he got for her.Meanwhile , Ross rediscovers his musical "sound," but he's actually not as talented as he and Phoebe seem to believe.Phoebe doesn't want to perform became she feels dwarfed but Ross' musical gift.When Joey's late for a date with Kathy because he's on another date with someone else, Chandler makes his move - the two kiss.Riddled with guilt, Chandler re-furnishes the apartment.

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