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Be aware however that you’ll effectively need to grant the copyright for your game in China to the local publisher in order for this to happen so it’s important that you choose a publisher that you trust.You should also request that the publisher assign the rights back to you via a separate agreement to provide you with some level of additional protection for your game’s copyright.Unscrupulous companies and individuals would crack/decompile/rip a popular game from another developer and then submit it to distribution platforms as their own, depriving the original IP holders of revenue and causing potential harm to the games reputation in the process.The NCAC copyright registration serves to provide a level of protection for game developers and is a relatively straight forward process to go through once you’re familiar with it.To better understand the process involved in foreign copyright ownership documents with the NCAC, I interviewed Cam Rogers of Cam Rogers Legal, an Australian law firm specializing in the video game industry that works with some of the top Indie game developers in Australia.

For those that have not been following the China games market, but have submitted a new game to i Tunes recently, you may also have greeted with the following message.

It’s important to note that most of the materials that need to be submitted during the completion of each of these compliance steps are required to be in Simplified Chinese and/or have accompanying Simplified Chinese/English translations.

Obtaining copyright registration for your game in China Though not necessarily mandated by law, applying for and obtaining copyright registration for your game with the NCAC (National Copyright Administration of the Peoples Republic of China) is a crucial step before launching your game in China as almost all Distribution Platforms require you to provide a copyright registration certificate for your game before it can be made “ready for sale”.

For non-Chinese games developers and publishers that have already obtained foreign copyright registration for their game, you can also provide proof of foreign copyright registration that is acceptable to the NCAC in order qualify for this process.

Given that we are game publishers with an established presence in China, we typically go through the local process but we have known foreign games developers who have opted to pursue the NCAC copyright registration by providing proof of foreign copyright ownership documents.

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