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It is generally a bad idea to go shopping on an empty stomach because everything looks appetizing when you’re hungry.

The same is true when watching television commercials for food.

Over time, lustful glances at waitresses and receptionists are saturated with these same longings. Jesus was tempted beyond what we can imagine, yet was without sin.

The only way He was able to do this was by being filled to the brim with His Father’s love and living in the truth of His identity as a beloved Son.

What typically happens is you get to the checkout aisle wondering how so many chips, Oreos and donuts ended up in your cart.

Meanwhile, the cashier is asking you if they can scan the wrapper of the Snickers bar you’ve already torn open and bitten in to.

So we live the life of a pretender, performing acts that would otherwise make us uncomfortable.

All you need is a webcam, a computer, a stable internet connection, and your sexy flirtatious self..But without regularly being filled up on the love of Jesus, our stomachs will continue to growl for something that will make us feel okay.When we clown around with porn, flirting or affairs, we quickly begin wearing a mask.What better place to find this worship than pornography? Temptation looks entirely different when we are full to the brim with the love, intimacy and affection of our Father.The “10 out of 10” women simply line up, all posing passionately for me, none of them rejecting me, and I can fantasize about them worshiping me in every way, shape and form I desire. Whether it’s the seductive eyes of pornography, the flirtations of a cute acquaintance, or the temptation to withdraw our affection from our wife, we will respond entirely differently if we know who we are in Jesus versus if we don’t.

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