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Since the app is available across multiple platforms for smartphone, tablet and PC, your pictures will reach any screen.And for tech-shy family members, print a photo book of your pics, starting at .99.Want to get the word out about the block party next week, or ask the neighborhood for help searching for your lost puppy? The network promises an easy way to keep in touch with the people who live near you, whether for social (finally meeting that hot guy next door) or security reasons (alerting your neighbors about a local break-in). The site allows users to send private messages, photos, drawings and even "thumbkisses" (in which both parties press their thumbs to the same part of the screen to make the phone vibrate).

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In addition to sending text, video and audio messages and sharing photos, users can share their phone's location (perfect for keeping an eye on teens) and keep track of important family events on a shared calendar.Users simply put their phones together in a circle (pretending you're on Captain Planet is totally optional, but fun), link up, then start taking pictures. Users can also be added remotely by clicking on a shared link sent in an email or text message. An app component ensures no student will forget to study for tomorrow's quiz once he or she has left school.of those photos from your hilarious beach weekend, try Photocircle.

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