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The engine of choice for James is the K24 built by Eric Lavigne at R-Division in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

It features a K-Tuned fuel rail, intake manifold made of 6061 billet aluminum, and 90mm throttle body.

When it comes to track racing, Integras hold a storied history.

As such, you would think the Integra would be the car of choice in time attack, however this doesn’t seem like the case.

Seven wins in 2016, two-seconds faster than the Spoon Center-Drive Civic Type R, and only bested by fellow Canadian Will Au-Yeung in his Civic Si in Global Time Attack at Road Atlanta – he is the beacon that shines the light towards the right path for Integras in Time Attack here in North America.

This DC2 Type R will be going at it against the fastest front wheel drives in the world at Super Lap Battle 2018 and with the changes so far, he’s poised to take the title from Au-Yeung.

To keep the power split and still putting it down in the correct tire, an OS Giken LSD is installed on the ring gear.

L’attaque d’infanterie est précédée d’une préparation d’artillerie d’une semaine, culminant juste avant la sortie des lignes et synchronisée avec l’explosion de plusieurs mines gigantesques.This could be the greatest rivalry in time attack and there is still a lot of fight left in this DC2. 2002 - 2017 All Profiles owned and updated by the profile owners only.Body-wise, there are no extreme front wings, the splitter isn’t the size of Nunavut (it’s the largest province by total area in Canada, where James is from), and not even a widebody kit that would make Kei Miura blush.Instead, it seems rather understated until you realize the aero is optimized under the car.

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