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He graduated in 1875 and became a teacher in a black school. Not too long after George was born, he and Mary were stolen by thieves who planned to sell them to someone in the south.

In 1881, he acquired the job of principal of a small school in Alabama. The Carver family were able to find George, but Mary was gone forever, and George never saw her again.

Utah educators can use either their login or the home access login. How are his art or music a reflection of Renaissance ideals?

Choose an artist, painter, sculptor, architect, musician who was prominent in the European Renaissance (approximately the 1300s through the 1600s). Students can search for an artist/musician in Utah's Online Library's As students are studying the complex issues surrounding eating disorders, the resources in Utah's Online Library can provide reliable, credible information. What medical complications can arise from these conditions? The is a fantastic tool that can be invaluable in providing lists of great reads for kids.

With a partner, have students make a written plan for their fraction photos.

Then, using supplies in your classroom, have them set up fraction scenarios and take photos. Students could create a setup of 2 red markers and 1 yellow marker (2/3 of the markers are red).

He taught and worked at the Tuskegee Institute for more than 40 years.

Leonardo de Vinci was the original "Renaissance Man".

He continued on and earned a master's degree in science.

What are some of the pressures from the popular media that may aggravate these disorders? In addition to book recommendations, it also has professional reviews and teaching ideas.

You can search by title, author, lexile level, genre, series, subject, etc.

Have students research both George Washington Carver and Leonardo de Vinci and compare and contrast their lives and contributions.

Utah's Online Library is almost always the best choice for student research.

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