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Count Raczynski again points out that Ovid is never mentioned by Horace ; Boileau never alluded to by La Fontaine, &c. Ware, " Christianity and Agnosticism," that Thucydides, regarded as the contemporary authority for some of the most instructive and important occurrences of the history of civilized times, is never himself mentioned at all as author of the writings ascribed to him for more than 200 yeara after his death. One day, when at Luton, he was walking up and down the drawing-room while Lady Bute sat writing, when he expressed his belief that the Bourbon dynasty would be restored to the throne in his person, though Napoleon I.

Perhaps jealousy of the attainments of other men of mark blinds the important chronicler; or perhaps writei's who are themselves celebrated are too much occupied with their own works, researches and deductions to stop to record those of their compeers. was at that time in the zenith of his power, and he himself a proscribed exile dependent on the hospitality of, and receiving a pension from, her husband.

Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. We took our places, and, like the gathered crowds, waited more or less patiently for the expected show, until at last we heard the beat of drums, followed by the faint sound of other instruments, gradually breaking into the full, military band, distinct and clear ; the stirring music of the " Marseillaise ' rallied the spirits of all present, and heightened the eftect of the bright sky, the glowing sun, the glitter of arms and the rich colours of the uniforms.

Marks, notations and other maiginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you. It was really a gay, and also an imposing, sight, when the King, whu rode well, ap[)cared amidst his escort.

4'hougli my own recollection does not run back to all the earlier events chronicled by my sister, yet the household tradition of many of them, as well as the personal participa- tion in many of a later date, make it a labour of much interest to offer them as a contribution, however insignificant, to the PREFACE vii history of the worthies of the age in which one has kno^vn the world. The Due de Broglie had a narrow escape, part of his uniform having been shot away. Plus la politique change, plus c'est la meme chose." — Alphonsk Kabb. A SOCIAL HOURS WITH CELEBRITIES importance at the time — one of the seven attempts made on the life of the somewhat recently- elected King — " Le Roi des Fran(,*ais " — Louis- Philippe. Rothschild's Chftteau — Compared with Worth's — Ferricres Described — "Le Baron"- GJenerosity and Parsimony — Passage of Arms with Horace Vemet — Visit of De Momy — Hospitalitv — Fetes to the Emperor — The Prussians at Ferricres — Fidelity or His Servants — Good Side of His Character.Out of our share in the universal longing for permanency — though it must always escape the individual — we are impelled to do our part towards prolonging the remembrance of all those things which have fascinated our interest in our time. It is true we are sometimes nowadays induced to complain that " we are inundated with books of reminiscences." But in reality we can hardly have too large a store. The King expressed his wish that this criminal's life should be spared, but the atrocity of the crime, and the fury of the populace from among whom the victims had chiefly fallen, rendered it im- possible to show any such clemency, though he was put to death much more mercifully than any previous regicide.How many are the worthies of the past concerning whom we long to have sidelights and homely episodes, and these are not given us! wlio chalked up "no popery," the writer seems to have been afraid of what he had written, and qualifies it with, "Mais on ne doit accueillir ce fait (! il avait la figure bldme, les yeux ogares, et il otait presque fou de peur." The "historian " forgets this ; he also forgets that had such a thought preoccupied the mind of Louis-Philippe on this occasion, he was far iplomatic Xjo ni improbable anecdote of the unscrupulously witty Countess of Aldl M diplomatic Xjo have betiuyed himself openly.

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