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Her friend shakes her white-haired head emphatically. This place is haunted.” The first woman flashes a wicked, age-defying grin.“I might find a boyfriend.” Sprawling across what were once the battlefields of the Alamo, the Menger Hotel has been hosting guests since 1859, just twenty-three years after the fall of that cradle of Texas liberty.The hair prickles on the back of my neck and I try to shake it off as the response of an over-active imagination, but I still head back downstairs quickly, careful on the well-worn treads of the stairs. There are many stories, there’s no way to know for sure.” He has been working at the hotel since 1977 and is the kind of fellow you’d like to kick back with over a drink at the Menger Hotel Bar.It’s a beautiful hotel and the staff I encounter are as lovely, as are the guests in the lobby, but I have a strong desire to get back outside into the Texas sunshine and away from that disconcerting feeling of being watched from the shadowed corners. ” I tell him I’ve read several histories of the hotel that reference 32 ghosts and I can hear his impatience. He makes a point of interviewing any guest who believes they’ve had an encounter with a ghost, and he has kept in touch with several guests over the years.I was sure it was one of my roommates, but they both denied it and I believe them.They’re good friends and wouldn’t do that to me.” She jokes that it was the Menger ghosts making their presence known.“My first experience was a ringing bell,” he says, with enough of a pause to suggest he has told this story hundreds of times. This bell would ring and ring, so I asked someone about it and he said, ‘Oh, that’s just Teddy calling his Rough Riders.’ And that was the start for me.” He is referring to Teddy Roosevelt, who used the Menger Hotel Bar as a base to recruit his Rough Riders for the Spanish-American War.

Sidney Bristol is a skeptic, but something odd happened to her and her roommates earlier this year. until the next morning, none of our electrical outlets would work.He relates the story of an attorney from New York who, during her visit to the hotel, saw a man in her room wearing old-fashioned garb including a puffy-sleeved shirt, tight trousers and tall boots.“She wasn’t the type to make up a story like that,” he says, then adds, more thoughtful than defensive, “There are too many people, too many stories over the years.Among the Menger Hotel’s many guests include attendees of an annual romance writers convention known as Wild Wicked Weekend.Several conference-goers have stories of their own about paranormal encounters at the hotel.

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