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After lunch, Holly suggested we visit one of the sunbathing decks and start working on our natural tans, so we stopped by our cabin and changed into our swimwear. Holly's big tits would be more than handful any guy and I stared directly at them as she laid back on the lounger. Lisa and Sean were swingers and they wanted to swing with us. At fourteen months older than her, I seldom played the role of big brother. Seeing her dressed up so precisely made me realize neither one of us were kids anymore. The one where we met up with with Lisa and Sean played thumping pop music. Lots of gels for the lights had been replaced with red and green in honor of the Christmas spirit."I heard there's a sundeck where women can sunbath topless," she said. I studied them, actually, admiring how full and firm they looked. Her soft skin had the same golden hue from her head to toes. I pushed away that thought as I studied the shape of her dark, rose colored nipples. "But we're brother and sister," I said, pointing out the flaw in her thinking. As soon as we joined Lisa and Sean, a waiter arrived to take our drink orders. Once I started wearing a two day growth of stubble instead of shaving, I never got carded and Holly's big tits usually assured she got her way.Florida had been warm, but after spending the day and evening sailing south, it was even warmer! We just have to pretend we're a couple until we get down to business." "But, I'll see you naked," I protested, wondering why it didn't matter to her. (Technically, cabins are referred to as "staterooms," except ours felt too small to over glorify it.) Once we reached the room, Holly pulled off her t-shirt and bra. I changed into a nice pair of shorts and a Polo shirt while I waited for her to do her face and hair. Holly had changed into a white sundress that showed off her glowing tan. She had done her hair, put on make-up, and looked hot as hell. Holly and I had grown up with that typical love/hate relationship siblings feel.

Grinning to myself, that's just what I did, holding the soap in front of my hard cock as I sprayed it with thick, ropey strands of my hot cum. I dried off and pulled on a pair of boxer shorts before heading back into the cabin. I decided not to risk it, but the goofy grin I wore when she came back into the cabin sure made her suspicious. Somehow, we dodged that bullet of mandatory family fun time and retreated back to our cabin. Thankfully, she kept those on as she stepped into the bathroom area.

Dad put most of his cruise money into a nice room for Mom and him while Holly and I were crammed into a tiny, interior cabin.

After boarding, a steward led Holly and I to our tiny cave.

"She's doing it right now." "Fuck, Holly," I said as I felt my body reacting to her intimate caress. I closed my eyes, imagined it was Lisa inside my arms, and kissed her back. Once I relaxed into it, I didn't try to measure time.

I understood she was just trying to sell our lie to Sean and Lisa, but the rest of me didn't care. "We should kiss," she said as we swayed next to the other couple. Holly's hand remained on the back of my head and as long as she held us together, I kept kissing her. Next to us, Sean and Lisa were entangled in a kiss even more intimate than ours. " "I like you," I said, giving her my best rakish smile. " We knocked back our shots, traded good-night kisses with our dates and that was it.

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