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Reporting was voluntary, and schools sometimes coded student sexual assault as "other-type not listed" behavior.

Officials said they didn't believe their reported total of three incidents was accurate because Alaska's overall sexual assault rates were three times the national average.

In response to AP's queries, the state will review "the nature and reliability of the school safety data we collect," education spokesman Charles Tack said.

ARKANSAS The state education department did not collect information on student sex assaults on school property.

"This in no way represents the true extent to which sexual assault incidents lead to a discipline event in our public schools," Brian Laurent, the state's education data manager, told AP.

ARIZONA Individual schools reported incidents of student sexual assault, defined as forced intercourse or oral sex.

Additionally, some states masked the actual number of student sexual attacks if they fell beneath a certain threshold.

Whether and how an incident was recorded — as sexual assault or something less serious—was often left to school districts' discretion.

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ALASKA The state education department tracked incidents leading to student suspension and expulsion, but not specifically sexual assault.But 32 states and the District of Columbia do maintain information, though it is inconsistent and sometimes incomplete, The Associated Press found.Some states required school districts to log any student sexual assault on school property or at school-sponsored events, but others required reporting of only those assaults resulting in certain types of student discipline.DELAWARE The state required schools to report student sex assaults to the state's education department and local law enforcement in real time.State education officials recorded only severe sex assaults, such as rape, in a category called "violent felonies" and said there was no way to distinguish student sex assaults from other offenses.

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