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Now, Carolyn is considered a country artist and Avril isn't.When I checked my radio dial, I realized the pop station was playing Carolyn's Complicated and the country station was playing Avril's. There are only two kinds of mucis in the world - good and bad. Casie of Denver, CO avril is never ever ever punk shes not hun trust me im guessing im older than you, judging by how niiave you sound on this message board, its pop, popity pop pop pop.I say it once and I will say it again...songs reflect us in a lot of ways! Poster Dave From Cardiff Wales, Thanks for the mention of singer AMY STUDT. I played it several times and added it to my youtube FAVORITES list.This song is describing exactly how I am feeling at the moment...there was this guy I had met thru a friend..seemed cool and we hit it off perfectly...he was one way in front of his best friend (my best friends b/f) and then his true colors started coming out one by one...of course painting a picture of me that is totally false! And yes, I still like AVRIL LAVIGNE a magazine i read it said she doesn't consider herself punk, people labled her as even though shes not a pop artist like britney,avril she is unique and doesn't have to sell her body to be sucsessful.avril lavigne rocks this song reminds me of my ex bf when he was around justme he was nice and fun to be around and acted like he liked me and then when i tried to talk to him around his freinds he acted like a total jerk to me it was so annoyingthis song reminds me of one point in my life where this girl i knew so well was her one day and someone i had no idea who she was the next and i was getting so fusterated because the new her was not as good as who she was before and everyone left me for her.I'm not the biggest fan of Avril Lavigne, but I like the fact that she wants to be different.She's trying to stand out, and she writes her own songs. The bizarre thing is that I heard this song on one radio station in Kamloops, B. They went to a commercial so I switched stations and heard Complicated by Carolyn Dawn Johnson, which is a song about the same basic subject, but totally different lyrics.Tool or Radiohead will help you see what music can sound like.

Avril has the most calculated image of any recent bubblegum pop "artist"...it's hard to blame Avril herself, after all..seems just like a simple, absent minded (no offense intended), semi-cute teenage girl, I blame the men in the suits for using this girl's simple mind as an advertising vessel, alot of people can smell this sort of business disguised as music stuff from miles away...

although she doesnt like it when her fans dress like her in one of her interviews se said she wished ppl would stop dressing like her. I saw her in concert and I think she has a fresh voice, great meaning to her songs, and great songwriting ability.

if sheed right her own songs play more guitar shed be really cool but as for now thumbs up for war amps HAHAHA, the song is about preps HAHAHA, how they are ALL just posers trying to please only thier are willing to put down someone, or tell someone's secret, just to get a laugh out of a group, and maybe impress the popular girl (AKA queen prep)Hey!! If she's not up on all types of music, so sue her..everyone knows every band in the world.

I just want to say that I don't remember Avril ever saying that she was a "punk" except once in a magazine, but she did clear up later that by that she meant the literal definition, as in a "hoodlum".

Will someone please give me a link to an article showing me where she has in fact said her music was rock/punk? Hello, I would like to give my opinion to large Avril lavigne contraversy.

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