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The game is “Tenshitachi no Gogo” (Angels’ Afternoon); and though it may have been the first big step into the direction of dating sims, it did not launch the company into popularity.

The story revolved around a high school student who wanted to seduce a girl in the school’s tennis club.

But I'm sure the developers thought "long and hard." ... The lines between eroge and dating simulators are actually quite blurred.Now, there are tons of games of this sort, the majority of which will never be translated into English, and are unlikely to gain mainstream popularity.These games are basically relegated to the shelves in the shops of Tokyo’s electronics district, Akihabara, and other such shopping districts.Yet there are enough people in the small subculture of Japanese gamers who buy these games to perpetuate demand.And while less popular titles pile up on the shelves, dating sims are still going strong, and every year there are a few that gain mainstream popularity.

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