Episcopal priests dating and marrying

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The world's biggest single religious group tends to be a bit misunderstood at times, even by its own adherents.

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Second are the teachings of Church Councils — meetings of all the bishops within the Church, called by the Pope to settle in a democratic fashion questions of an extraordinary nature.It should be kept in mind that Catholicism is comprised of diverse segments of believers and that inevitably, there's bound to be some arguments amongst themselves, and let's leave it at that.Catholicism is generally best known for its rituals and a rather authoritarian approach to religious and moral doctrine.It is believed that the church's teachings on these subjects are "infallible" — without error — because the Holy Spirit will not allow the Church to be in error; debate remains, however on how to interpret this infallibility.There are three sources of infallible teachings, two of which are not controversial.

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