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Forms apps come in all shapes and sizes—from simple, standalone form apps to form builders built into spreadsheet apps to advanced data processing tools that just happen to be built around a form. Jump to chapter 6 for a roundup of 20 of the best survey builder apps to use instead.

Enter your own description, rearrange the fields the way you want (or remove any you don't want to include), then share or embed your form as normal.When you need to collect information, learn people’s preferences, or gather feedback, there’s nothing better than a form. The newest form apps make basic contact fields and payment options almost look exciting, while even the most traditional form app can be exciting if it's helping your business grow.Form apps tend to be pretty similar, with the same dozen form fields, drag-and-drop editors, and basic themes.Wondering if your form would work better with different descriptions, or with the form fields in a different order?Formstack includes an A/B testing tool to let you compare two versions of your forms directly.

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