Dreamweaver 8 template not updating pages

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Read such announcements for every release since your existing build in case any of the in-between changes affect you.These instructions apply whether you are updating by one build, skipping several builds, upgrading to/from a beta version, or installing the latest 'release' version.Note that Fine Offset Consoles can display a 'MAX' figure, this is highest recorded since it was last reset (on touchscreen models multiple touches of the displayed speed will cause maximum speed, or gust, to be shown, and when a max value is displayed continuing to hold touching that value for 3 seconds will reset max to current value).Cumulus maintains its own various extremes for different periods (e.g High wind and high gust for yesterday on its main screen) calculated from all values read by Cumulus in that period.The support forum includes a few threads related to this topic, and if you post there then people who have already imported from particular systems may offer their services to import your past observations.

f=6&t=11349 View menu, This month or This year screens show some figures for any month or year selected by you, but do not show all the figures shown on a standard web page or as shown on the Highs and Lows screen for the current month/year.Open as a text file in the folder whose name is bearing the timestamp after your final rollover, for Cumulus builds 1041 to 1088 the final lowest and highest for each observation in the month will be listed.In a similar manner if you miss the last day of the year, for Cumulus builds 1041 to 1088 see the final 'this year' figures for last year by opening from the appropriate backup.The installer will always upgrade the following files (replacing them, ignoring existing versions): There may be extra files automatically upgraded by particular builds - see announcement.During the install, you will see a Select Components screen , if you tick the HTML templates (the default) it will also upgrade the HTML template files in the web folder. If Cumulus doesn't start reading the data from the new station, stop Cumulus and start it again. In testing planned changes to Cumulus, I switch backwards and forwards between a Fine Offset and a WMR200 frequently, the only thing that happens is that the rain figures go wrong initially (because the two stations have different counters).

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