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If the DHCP server succeeds in performing the update with the DNS server, the result is an updated DNS host name and updated IP address information for the client computer in the DNS database.Cause: The client was not able to register and update with the DNS server because of missing or incomplete DNS configuration.Solution: If a client can reach its preferred and alternate DNS servers as configured, it is likely that the cause of its failed updates can be found elsewhere.At Windows-based client computers, you can use Event Viewer to check the System log for any event messages that explain why attempts by the client to dynamically update its host (A) or pointer (PTR) resource records failed.

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Cause: The DNS server supports dynamic updates, but it is not configured to accept them.For client computers to be registered and updated dynamically with a DNS server, either: By default, computers attempt to register and perform dynamic update of their DNS names and IP addresses with a DNS server.For other types of computers, you can deploy Windows Server 2008 DHCP servers, which can perform proxied registrations and updates as needed for nondynamic clients.If you change the zone type at a secondary server so that it becomes the primary server for that zone, either remove the zone or convert it to another zone type (such as a secondary zone) at the original primary server.Otherwise, zone data becomes inconsistent and causes additional problems.

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