Detailsview1itemupdating asp net

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NET MVC Tip #46 — Don't use Delete Links because they create Security Holes.Another common way to avoid a problem with methods that have identical names and signatures is to artificially change the signature of the POST method to include an unused parameter.For example, some developers add a parameter type You now have a complete ASP.In particular, I suggest you take a close look at Scott Mitchell's excellent Building Data Bound Templated Custom ASP. That article explains the nitty-gritty details of how to design and code the binding engine of a control (that is, the Data Bind method), how to define a related item class for the control (that is, the Details View Item object), and how to add style properties to the various elements in the layout.For brevity's sake, I'll skim over most of these topics to focus on others, more specific to the Details View control, like navigation bar, command bar, and related events, and the interaction with the hosting page.

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