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Having ovaries doesn't mean she automatically knows exactly what to do, either. It's totally cool if you buy yourself a scented body wash or a football jersey or a Cinnabon (or more optimally, a kale smoothie, but life is short).

When you take a little time to practice a hobby, see a show, read a book, or play a sport, it makes you happier which in turn will make her happier.Sharing life's ups and downs is a major part of intimacy, yet sometimes you hold back the hard stuff.Your wife can't understand where you're coming from or know how to help you unless you tell her.You can leave it for your wife to guess and maybe get it right, or you can keep a running wish list of all your favorite things.That way when she wants to get you a birthday gift — or even an anytime/why-not gift — she'll know just how to please you.

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