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I LOVE Jack Lemmon, and I did find the movie to be applicable to our therapy…of OCD/fear/father issues that ran parallel to much of what is on my mind. That was the first time I literally looked at him and went “What the HELL? I’ve spoken of my distaste for Kirk Cameron and his whole “Way of the Master” religious con job….asking me to watch that movie wasn’t too far from asking me to attend a tent revival.Then last week, per the title of this post……told me to watch Fireproof after we talked about how fear is too much of a driver in my life, and how letting low-self esteem take over is really just an egotistical way of putting yourself at the center of the universe and making everything about YOU. And the movie is pretty much what you expect….acting and cinematography like one of those Lifetime Channel movies. And in hindsight…..thank you Lord for the fact that she flipped out when I insisted on going to couple’s counseling before we were married. I have a weird way, be it conscious or unconscious, of developing too friendly of a relationship with my therapists, and the new guy is very professional and challenging, which is what I need.

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Then he had me watch “Tuesdays with Morrie” after we talked about my obsession with being very project-oriented and the need to “get everything done”…though that’s an impossibility, and how it keeps you from enjoying the basic things in life.

Drew’s face, telling him to fuck off or whatnot, a really HUGE black woman needs to burst into the room, chairs and tables rattling and falling as they part the way for her….she needs to start screaming at the offender- “You did NOT just talk to Dr. This Saturday we’re going to the 35th anniversary party for my group…, dancing, karaoke…exactly what you’d find at pretty much any big organizational party, minus the alcohol.

Drew every once in a while, and he’s just sitting there taking notes and observing.

Drew’s face or telling him to fuck off or something. Remember that clown that would come and sweep people off of the stage during those Apollo Theatre talent shows? I think of the bond that addicts share as “dysfunctional elitism”.

Well, between that and those constant commercials for the movie “Precious”, I got my latest brainstorm. To an outsider, AA can look like just another stupid club or even a cult.

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