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Your date doesn’t want to grow old waiting for you to show up. Even if you’re feeling first-date nerves, don't be anyone other than…

Don’t obsess over that weird nerve-induced thing you blurted out (e.g.

Run through these tips (slowly, over and over again while breathing) and CTFO.

Forget ‘fashionably late’ – arrive five-minutes early, do a recon and get the good seats.

You have the chance to meet all these new people, so don't take yourself off the market right away.

You may meet a cutie in your class, but you could really hit it off with someone you meet at a Wicked Wednesday.

Sloooow down there, buddy – no matter how into this person you are, don’t go changing your Facebook relationship status just yet!

No one wants to hear about the fun times you had with them or how they broke your heart.

Or perhaps you’re disgusted with the state of modern dating. The good news is that you might […] Read more There is a definite spectrum of normal behavior when it comes to dating.But in most cases these supposed online dating horror stories tend to fall into two categories: The person doesn’t look or sound anything like what you had expected.Or they say or do something that falls outside of the realm […] Read more Despite the vast individual differences between the millions of men and women currently dating and looking for a partner, most people have the basic same questions about dating.That individual likes himself; she isn’t too critical of herself; and he accepts himself as-is and works on the parts of his personality or his […] Read more Dear Sara: When I’m dating, I really struggle with how to answer questions about my (lack of) relationship history.Within a few dates, the question about past relationships inevitably comes up, and I never know how to answer this.

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