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I spent a whole car ride with Spanish writer Javier Moro (author of that Sonia Gandhi book, The Red Sari) going on and on about kidnappings in Caracas, shootouts in Brasilia, muggings in Buenos Aires.

So to find an oasis of peace like Uruguay is like stubbing one's toe on a bar of gold in a rubbish dump. With a Prez Like This, Who Needs a PM Like...: Without doubt, Jose 'Pepe' Mujica is the coolest head of government in the world.

And since expat Indians are traditionally partypoopers, I checked how many snoopy desis live in Uruguay. Beautiful Country, Beautiful Game: Google gives more than an inkling of how Montevideo is where it is at: it's beautiful and it's slick.

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I also ventured out on a couple of day trips into the rural region of Rocha and other parts of the Uruguayan countryside.The Gulf is not a destination — it's where people go so that they can afford to settle in places like Australia, where they speak English and watch cricket.Running out of individual freedom-loving, uncrowded and inexpensive countries, I had almost given up, until...Montevideo, Uruguay's capital, intrigued me with its historic architecture, plazas, and café culture.Punta del Este, South America's premier beach resort, awakened my senses, with its beautiful beaches and endless menu of activities.

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