Dating with iranian girls

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I have this Arab friend who has in a few occasions have seen me here and there and practically forces me to go to his house for lunch or dinner without even calling his wife first.

I don't see Iranian girls here in Toronto falling for ugly white guys or chinese guys or black guys or anything like that. As though they are too good for guys from their own culture. And there are plenty of ugly ones that behave just like the hotties.

However, each time his wife opens the door, she is totally composed, dressed like hell, and waiting for his husband to come home.

A delicious Lunch or dinner, whichever is the case, ready in minutes of her husband getting home. I dated a very beautiful and smart Persian Girl from Toronto.

I always said people might object at first, but if they see that your happy, they will eventually come around cause they're your family and they love you.

I was always secretly very proud of our relationship because of how we were breaking all the different stereotypes (long distance, diff.

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