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It also sends personnel to the scenes of disasters where American servicepeople are known to number among the dead (e.g., the crash of a commercial airliner).In recent years, this branch of the service has expanded its deployment of personnel to assist in mass fatality situations outside its ordinary sphere of responsibility, such as Bosnia, Somalia, Croatia, the Middle East, Oklahoma City, and Hurricane Andrew.When measured against the gripping mental image of lion-hearted soldiers setting aside their personal grief to kick shut the jaws of fallen comrades, proper alignment on a stamping machine just doesn’t present itself as much of a story.This lack of romance is perhaps some of the reason for the popularity of grisly rumors about the purpose for the notch — what reality fails to supply, rumor agreeably contributes.

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Another soldier would then kick his jaw shut, imbedding the dog tag permanently in his upper teeth and jaw.The format and information on the Army m1940 Dog Tags changed four times between December 1940 and April 1946.The following is a general guideline of the formats used during that period.Ninth Corps Area (Washington-Oregon-Idaho-Montana-Wyoming-Utah-Nevada-Arizona (partly)-California-Alaska (attached) HQ=Presidio of San Francisco, Calif.There were also 4 other Departments (US overseas possessions): Hawaii, Panama Canal Zone, Puerto Rico and the Philippines (prior to their seizure by Japan) : All serial numbers start with digit 1, while the second digit indicates Corps Area or Service Command .

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