Dating someone chronic disease

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She was also forced to cancel a concert in Brazil because she was taken to hospital with "severe pain".Awareness was definitely raised about psoriasis when it was revealed one of the most photographed women in the world has it.Below are some celebrities who have publicly spoken about their chronic health conditions: This condition causes pain all over the body and someone suffering with it may also experience extreme tiredness, muscle stiffness, trouble concentrating and problems sleeping.According to the NHS, it tends to affect women seven times more than men.It is an autoimmune disorder, which is not caused by lifestyle factors, where blood glucose levels are too high because the body cannot produce the hormone, insulin.Jonas wears an insulin pump to treat his condition and last year set up a diabetes charity. When it is not detected early it can cause long-lasting symptoms like pain in the joints, problems affecting the nervous system, extreme fatigue and heart problems.Despite being a tennis superstar, Venus Williams revealed she had the autoimmune syndrome Sjogren's in 2011.

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Type 1 only accounts for around 10 per cent of all people who have diabetes.Earlier this year, she hit back at people criticising her for losing weight on social media, telling them it was because of her health issues.The rapper suffers from epilepsy, a condition which affects the brain and is mostly known for causing fits or seizures.MS is a condition which affects the brain and often spinal cord.The condition manifests in problems with vision, arm or leg movement and balance, says the NHS.

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