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Many people complain about how awful online dating is and I’m not denying that, but blaming online dating for still being single is like blaming the gym for why you are not in shape.Online dating is a powerful tool, but just a tool to help you find your soul mate.

However, please don’t do this on a whim or as a New Year’s resolution.

However, some recently studies suggest that approximately 35% of married couples met online in some form and about half of which met through online dating websites.

That is a lot of losers then, including yours truly.

I’m not say people never coupled off, but it was frowned upon and created awkwardness in the group.

Similarly, dating at work has become challenging if not an out right no-no.

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    In November 2016, the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT), the official body for sex and relationship therapy in the United States, issued a position statement on Sex Addiction which states that AASECT "does not find sufficient empirical evidence to support the classification of sex addiction or porn addiction as a mental health disorder, and does not find the sexual addiction training and treatment methods and educational pedagogies to be adequately informed by accurate human sexuality knowledge.

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