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The park’s jewel is the 419-acre Wolf Lake that borders Hammond, Ind., and although it has been described as a “hidden gem,” nearly half a million people visit annually.Interim Site Superintendent Levi Bray said that at least 60 per cent are minority outdoors enthusiasts, which skews up from national camping demographics.There’s no camping at the park but there’s ample room for bird watching, boating, biking and picnicking.

“I heard where another restaurant chain had a guy following them. And if you don’t mind Mom, we’re going to all of them’.” Wilma nods her head in agreement. We got eight (Cracker Barrels) in one day.” I about fall off my country rocker. At that time we liked their grilled cheese and bacon sandwich (sixth)…. “The lady who runs the cash register there, her and her husband used to run the Greyhound bus station across the street.

“They brought all this back from Polynesia,” she said.” The Landrys also built a modest wooden bridge and added faux palm trees and portraits of pretty Polynesian women in all of their black velvet glory. When I visited Trois-Riveres in mid- August, my Room 29 had one door going outside to the parking lot AND another door into the hallway.

And while I’ve been to tiki bars from Easter Island to Hawaii to San Francisco, I can’t remember going to a roadside tiki bar with an adjacent tiki hotel. And an 80-person outdoor Coconut Terrace overlooking the highway and the magnificent Laviolette Bridge that arches over the St. At first I thought the hallway door was an adjacent room.

Truckers and cars go too fast for this thin stretch of rural highway about 25 minutes southwest of Elkhart.

You see, Ray and Wilma always move in modest directions.

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