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They enjoy the finer things in life (like travel and fine dining) and have a “work hard, play hard” mentality.Members are influencers in their respective careers, which can vary from hedge fund partners, entrepreneurs, and CEOs to professional musicians, athletes, and actors.“I wanted to create a circumstance where singles would have access to my secret sauce.I wouldn’t be doing it for them exactly, but it would feel like I was doing it,” she said.She always had an interest in matchmaking and was really good at setting up friends and acquaintances on dates that would often turn into relationships and marriages.

“The Dating Lounge is about bright people coming together in a place where they feel comfortable with each other because they look around and see people who are similar.” We had the privilege of speaking with Samantha recently to learn more about The Dating Lounge, which is still in the Beta stage, its unique matching algorithm and features, who gets past the velvet ropes, and the inspirational story behind it all.

Similar to an exclusive party, The Dating Lounge is selective about who gets in — and that’s exactly how members want it.

In order to join, you have to either be invited by an existing member or fill out a registration form to be approved by Samantha and her team.

“Our logo is a red velvet rope to give you the image of getting into an exclusive place.

Just like an exclusive place or an exclusive party, people get in for all different reasons — whether it’s being connected to people who are already there, where they travel, their philanthropy, their education, their success, where they work, or their looks,” she said.

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