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“When you’re a famous, successful person at 16 the rules change.Everybody is doing things for you to make life easier so you can go out and play. And even the Clippers—well, maybe not the Clippers. So there was a lot of infidelity going around the league, and I'm not sure the Lakers were incredibly unique in that regard. But he also stayed out of the way of basketball decisions, and trusted those around him to make wise decisions.So she left, and later wrote an excellent book about empowering women. He wanted to do the right things—he genuinely did—but addiction is a beast.

“That was our first date and we hit it off,” she said later.But a wedding planned for November of that year was mysteriously called off and it was not until 2013, when Connors published his autobiography The Outsider, that fresh light was thrown on that decision.He wrote that they had been repeatedly unfaithful to each other and hinted that when they conceived a child Evert insisted on terminating it.This led to a separation in 1983 but the couple reconciled and chronicled their marriage in a biography entitled Lloyd On Lloyd co-authored by the then prime minister’s daughter Carol Thatcher. “Both my parents were really sad and disappointed,” Evert once said. He sat down next to her and asked: “What are you doing here?” She replied that she was in Aspen to ski and the next day he helped her down the mountain by skiing backwards the whole way holding her hands.

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