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By and large, the highest quality girls I've slept with in Mexico and South America were thanks to social circles.

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As someone of Latino heritage you've already got the advantage of sharing cultural and ethnic similarities with your partner's family so don't blow it by being distant or opting to make all interactions with the family short and sweet (which in the United States is not a particularly abnormal way to go about things).

Today I will discuss some things that I've noticed about dating and game in Latin America. Although that would make me a God among my former high school social group (with who, thank Christ, I'm no longer in contact with), it is rather modest compared with some fellow travellers/bloggers. Although I haven't mastered the art of game, I do consider myself more perceptive than most. But it should help first-time travellers navigate the waters. This is not the case in Canada or the United States, where women are colder and competition is fiercer.

Three long-term girlfriends before the age of 23 hasn't left me much time in the field. I've never studied "game" or pickup techniques and I've never been fortunate enough to have a mentor to call on for advice. Since I started galavanting around Latin America, I've averaged about 3-4 women per month. In the long run this has actually turned out to be a disadvantage because it diminished the incentive to learn how to talk to women... Point is, even if you have no game whatsoever, if you're not hideous you will still be able to sleep with 5s, 6s, and a handful of 7s. If you're a decent looking chap at a bar or club in Latin America, you'll have girls who will give you amusingly obvious indicators of interest, or even go out of their way to approach you.

Casual, platonic flirting flies a little more in the Hispanic culture than it does in American culture.

In general, Americans like to have their “bubble” or personal space (basically a 1-2 foot radius around an individual) and when that space is invaded they take it to mean that the invading party is likely interested in them romantically.

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